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Busy and Happy!

February 20, 2018 11:54 AM | Jennifer Alderman (Administrator)

Dear Members,

Doesn’t life feel particularly busy? There are so many friends to spend time with, hobbies to cultivate, exercise regimens to maintain, and meaningful and interesting volunteer opportunities to challenge us. Not to mention the all-consuming demands of our professional lives and beloved families (two and four-legged).

Research shows that being busy can be a very positive thing. People who reported being busier had better working memory, sharper reasoning skills and expanded vocabulary. Findings have also concluded that there is a particularly strong link between busyness and episodic memory--remembering events in the past--which most of us value greatly as we age. And, in a "which came first "debate, it is not yet understood whether busyness leads to a sharper mind, or having a sharper mind leads to staying busy. In any case, the end result is positive and provides a way of looking at our (sometimes overly) busy lives. I would like to suggest that the take-a-way from this discussion is that it’s okay to stay busy, as long as we set goals and limits on how busy we wish to be.

On the same subject, please DO NOT MISS the “Member in the News” section of the Newsletter where this month you will learn about an incredibly busy Monday Club member who has found the balance sweet spot between her rewarding professional career and rich family life with her husband and two children. While hard to fathom how she does it all, she credits her organizational skills and fabulous husband for being able to make it work. 

Here is to busyness in all it’s manifestations!

In gratitude, 

Jennifer Alderman


  • February 21, 2018 5:28 PM | Joyce Zorger
    Jennifer, you certainly do qualify as an example of "one busy woman!" I admire your ability to handle it all. Peace, Poise and Power are yours as you move through your busy days.
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  • February 22, 2018 10:49 AM | Vicki Carroll (Administrator)
    Thanks for all your busyness on behalf of TMC!
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