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FEBRUARY 2017 - Brewed With Tradition by Cyndi Runstrom

February 14, 2017 11:18 AM | Linda Wilson (Administrator)

TMC…...Brewed with Tradition, Kindness, and Love

I'm sitting over a cup of tea, having just come back from dropping my granddaughter back home. She had spent the night and we had time together making applesauce.

The tea is too hot, yet it warms my hands, and its fragrance coaxes my soul. It's my favorite blend and can soothe and comfort me. I slowly stir in a teaspoon of honey, and keep stirring until it is all blended in. I study the roses and ivy that entwine on the saucer and smile as my thoughts drift...

This is TMC. Like my favorite cup, it's on the shelf for a while, then we take it down, admire it and fill it to the brim with love, caring, leadership and kindness while sharing creative thoughts and goals. When we fill the cup as we plan, share, or start a project there are times when we don't see eye to eye and things can heat up. But what warmth we feel when we put ourselves aside and let the steam carry us past our concerns and guide us back to our concerns for others. We must remember to pour slowly, and listen so it will not crack. When we do it right we seem to have just the right blend. Let our friendships and thoughts of our beautiful community and our remarkable building sweeten the cup as we stir them in.

...It's cooled off now and I will drink and enjoy one sip at a time.


  • February 17, 2017 3:46 PM | Joyce Zorger
    Another beautiful writing, Cyndi. After reading, I made myself a cup of tea, adding a tsp. of honey and enjoying the rain. Life is good. I'm feeling better. Grateful for the friendship of TMC and you!
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