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APRIL 2015 - One Hug At A Time by Christy Noble

April 10, 2015 11:40 AM | Linda Wilson (Administrator)

Just before our last General Membership meeting was about to begin, and we were greeting each other with hugs, smiles on our faces, and exuding happiness, I was overwhelmed by the goodness within the Clubhouse. It reminded me of what friendships mean to us and what strength, support and peace we can receive from one another.  Then, I read something by author C. JoyBell C. and I'd like to share it because I believe we can ~ and we are ~ making a difference one hug at a time.

"I believe in women uplifting women.  The only thing that makes our gender weaker is the fact that we are the gender less likely to stand up for one another.  We are the gender more likely to try and make another look bad, and when one of us is already bad, instead of being kind we pound them into the ditches.  And that's what makes us weak, nothing else.  If we can change this, we can change the whole structure of being female; I truly believe this.  I'd like to see us stop hurting one another and actually making a conscious effort to be happy for another when she is happy, to hope the best for another when she has better, and to lift another up when she is down.  We know that many of us can be harsh, cold and selfish, and we try to protect ourselves from one another, that's the reality.  But, it's also a reality that 'what is real can change'.  So, that means WE CAN CHANGE IT."

I have seen positive changes at work within our Club.  We are supporting one another, working respectfully to achieve desired goals, laughing and having fun together and genuinely caring about each other. It is my desire to continue with these behaviors to set an example for all women. This is a great social contribution and something of which our 'founding sisters' would be proud.


  • April 17, 2015 5:02 PM | Joyce Zorger
    I'm a collector of inspirational words of wisdom. Christy, thank you for your contributions as President of TMC.

    I love the words of the Dalai Lama: "My religion is kindness."

    What we choose to think and how we choose to live sends ripples of Consciousness out to the very edge of Life in the universe and then returns back to us. We make a choice each day to affect people or infect them. Ask, "Will I affect them with my positivity or infect them with my negativity." In all our encounters with people, we get to make that choice.

    Love, Light and Laughter, Joyce with a choice
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