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Goal: $1,200,000.00
Collected: $748,791.00

The mission of The Monday Clubhouse Conservancy is to preserve and restore the historic landmark known as The Monday Club.  In accordance with this mission a Capital Campaign began to fund restoration of the building and grounds. This campaign continues as The Monday Clubhouse Conservancy Preservation Fund.

The achievements of the clubhouse restoration include:

Preserved and restored building elements

    • replaced electrical wiring
    • removed non-historic exterior elements
Ensured compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Constructed a new addition to add accessible restrooms and entrance
    • New accessible pathways
Installed a new water-wise landscape and garden
    • rejuvenated the gardens while conserving water
    • created an enjoyable outdoor facility to complement the historic clubhouse
    • provided a desirable garden as a venue for weddings and community events

Through the generosity of friends and members we have made great progress in reaching our $1.2 million campaign goal.

The Monday Clubhouse Conservancy is a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Charitable Foundation, Tax ID 95-1679667. Thank you for your support!

Donor Levels:

All donors will receive recognition on our website and in our monthly newsletters. Donors at the Steve Zegar’s Circle level and above shall receive an honorary, inscribed placard on our donor wall. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

  • TMCC Friends: $100-$999
  • TMCC Steve Zegar’s Circle: $1,000-$4,999
  • TMCC Founder’s Group: $5,000-$9,999
  • TMCC Julia Morgan Pledge: $10,000 and above

Long-term pledges are available for all donor levels.

The future of this San Luis Obispo historic gem is in your hands and heart!


Member names in blue


Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust, SLO Community Foundation, City of SLO

TMCC JULIA MORGAN PLEDGE: $10,000 and above

Anonymous, Bonnie Birch, Vicki Carroll, Nara Clark, Alina Duhn, Kathy Longcrier, Miller Family (for Louise), Mary Qualls, Questers de Tolosa, Cyndi Runstrom, Tess Stapleton, Alan Stephenson

TMCC FOUNDER'S GROUP: $5,000-$9,999

Barbara Bell, Joy Hanson, Gerry Johnson, Mathew Quaglino 


Mary Agran, Jennifer AldermanDebbie Collins-Johnson, Adelaide Crosby, Diana Crothers, Stephanie Ewan, Marilyn Forselles, Lisa Gill, Iris Gould, Lisa Guy, Michele Hall, Nancy Hillenberg, Steve Jobst, Roberta Jorgensen, Bob Kitamura, Jennifer Laberge, Shellann & Rick Laguina, Marion Leggett, Francie Levy, John Madonna, Noreen Martin, Liz Maruska, Pat and Ben McAdams, Diane McKeague, Pragna Patel-Mueller, Network for Good, Christy Noble, Christy Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Patrick, Mary Ranelletti, Gabriela Schrader, Annie Shanks, Cathy Sherman, Christopher Smale Foundation, Kathryn Specchierla, Kate Stulberg, Brian Talley, Verena Von Engel, Jennifer Wand, Jacki Williams, 2Blondes Boutique

TMCC FRIENDS: $100-$999

H.E. Aaron, Hal and Cherie Aaron, Sandra Adams, Sandy Ahearn, Richard and Linda Ankrom, Jane Arginteanu, Carolyn Baxendale, Sharon Beko, Arleen Blake, Blaze Pizza, Jill Bolster-White, David Bonnheim, Jennifer Bosserman, Karen Brandt, Stephanie Brazil, Lorraine Cagliero, Renoda Campbell-Monza, Catherine Carlson, Joelle Cliff, Larry Cohn and Peg Hennessy,  Lauri Coats, Shirley Collum, Timothy Covello, Sara Cress, Leigh Cronin, Janice Crooks, Cheryl & Edward Cuming, Rita Da Luz, Paula Delay, Mary Jo Devitt, Sylvia Dodd, Maureen Doub, LeeAnne Fisher, Maureen Forsberg, Denise Fourie, Gigi Gaines, Pamela Gatz, Sharon Glick, Taffy Gonzalez, Martha Gutierrez, Lynn Hames, Kea Hendey, Nancy Hite, Jennifer Holyfield, Kathi Hooker, Nancy Hurd, Beverly James, Gail Ann Johnson, Terry Jones, Carol Kaiser, Valerie Kates, Jeanne Katz, Francie Kommer, Ronetta Krauter, Left Coast Enterprises, Jenny Luciano, Melissa Maino, Gail Marcum, JoAnn MartinJulie Martin, Jan Marx, Jo Anne Masten, Stephen McConnell, Peggy Mesler, Carrie Miller, Kay Miller,  Linda Miller, Mirolla Prossimo AdvisorsNatalie Montoya, Victor and Randi Montgomery, Angellia Moore, Robert Mott, Alison Oberti, Margaret O’Hara-Gordon, Nana Patel, Nicole Pazdan, Julia Peinada, Joan Peterson, Maribeth Peterson, Erin Pottmeyer, Becky Price, Matthew Qualls, Sherri Rand-Miller, Bridget Ready, Nancy Reid, Diana Rheinisch, Vanessa Rizzo, Patti Robbins, Kathryn Rogers, Ken Schwartz, Angeline Sfaelos-VollmerCammy Shields, Sandi Sigurdson, SLO Provisions, Louisa Smith, Stephanie Smith, Stacey Stack, Madeline Stevenson, Mary Kay Stratton, Deborah Sullivan, Patricia Taber, Carol Terrones, Elise Thompson, Maria Tibbles, Helen TorinoPaul Trembush, Tricia and Kenneth VolkJoanna Whitcher, Iva Wilcox, Linda Wilson, Coleen Wolf, Pam Wood, Victoria Wood, Kenneth Worsham, Gigi Wozniak, Rosemary Wrenn, Joyce Zorger 


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